Saturday, October 3, 2015

How to remove from your computer?

This site is OK  is  OK but it hijacks other search engines and tries to show up first. It also seems to make search slow. I am sure it came from several other downloads I make often.

By following steps I have managed to get rid of it for now:
  • Removed all publisher references to in Programs and Features


Cleaned up the Managed Extensions in IE 11 Search Provider's list (Ask does not show up anymore).
In Internet Explorer's Manage Add-ons look for anything related to You may not be able to delete it but you can disable.

FoxPDF Creator Toolbar for example brought in I disabled it, although FoxPDF is an excellent PDF editor.
Make sure ASK is not in Search Providers as well. If it is remove it.


In Internet Options | General page use any site other than for the Home Page is the default Home Page.


If you find an executable ApnStub.exe on your computer, delete it.
If you find ChromeInstall java program  such as this one remove it.


Well I have my browser not showing suddenly. I hope it is gone for ever.

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