Monday, June 26, 2017

Is your Windows 10 computer SLAT Compatible?

SLAT stands for Seccond Level Address Translation is a hardware based virtualization technology. It reduces the overhead assoiated with software manged shadow page tables.

How do you find your computer is SLAT compatible?

There is a nice tool here that readily tells you if your computer is compatible.

Download the tool and extract the executable ( ChecksSLATStatusOfMachine.exe; 15KB) to a folder. Double click the executable to bring up this page.


Just double click the label Click To Check.

You get the answer after a little while as shown.


Although this works whether Hyper-V is enabled or not but if the OS supports Hyper-V you may assume it is SLAT compatible. In order to enable Hyper-V follow these posts.

Activating Hyper-V on Windows 10:

Enabling Hyper-V on Windows 8.1 OS:

Friday, June 23, 2017

What is Microsoft Stream?

Microsoft Stream is meant as a replacement for Office 365 Video service. Microsoft Stream is video service for business users.

Microsoft is always aiming at corporate users and this service allows for uploading, sharing, managing and viewing corporate video for company-wide education and information sharing.

The base platform for Stream service is Azure Media Services. Of course integration of its various components be it Skype or Office is a feature paramount in its business vision and Stream integrates with SharePoint. Teams, Office 365 groups etc. Security is via Azure Active Directory with its authentication and encryption features.

Stream is a lot more than video managing, it can,

* searchable speech-to-text transcribed audios
* Face detection in videos
* Linked time codes

Follow the link below to see all the details about Microsoft Stream.

Migration from Office 365 Video to stream is phased and is supposed commence in the second half of 2017.

More on stream here.

This video gives some idea of what it was sometime ago (not the latest)

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

How does Win/Loss sparkline work?

There are three kinds of Sparklines in Excel you can create. These are small pictures that show the data trend.
These can be types Column, Line or Win / Loss. Read more here.

The first two are easy to understand as shown in the previous post. However if all your values are positive you may not see any significense difference in the sparkline as shown in the first image here:

However, if some of your data are negative, this is what you see in Win /Loss Sparkline. I have changed some values negative.

Monday, June 19, 2017

What are AngularJS directives?

AngularJS directives are extensions of HTML markups. They can be attributes, element names, CSS class etc. AnuglarJS script reference is important and the script can be found here:"
The above script reference needs to be added to your hTML page.

You can find the whole list of directives here:

Here is the usage of some directives placed in a html page that can be displayed on your localhost (in this case the IIS in Windows 10). Place this code with a suitable name in the inetpub / wwwroot directory.


  Some directives in AngularJS

Sorry, blogger still does not support the "pre" tag!
When viewed on the browser (in this case Microsoft Edge), the HTML page renders as shown.

Type anything it gets copied next to Hello
Enter the increment region with your mouse, the count (presently 1) gets incremented
Click the link and you get to the page

More to come in future posts on AngularJS

Sunday, June 18, 2017

What is V8?

V8 is a 8 cylinder engine if you are a automobile geek. However V8 is also the open source, high performance ECMA compliant JavaScript engine from none other than Google.

V8 is written in C++. It is used in many embedding applications such as Chromium and Node.js ("Node.js® is a JavaScript runtime built on top of Chrome's V8 JavaScript engine).  Just like a web browser access the document object model(DOM), V8 engine together with Chromium provides the same functionality and additionally provides all data types, operators, objects, functions etc.

In addition to compiling Javascript code, it does memory managment; assigning objects to memory; monitoring property changes and doing garbage collection.

Read more here:

Friday, June 16, 2017

How do you create Sparklines in Excel?

Sparklines are tiny charts of related information covering a range of data placed in an EXCEL cell.

I have Microsoft Office 365 Business version 1704. I will describe using this version of Excel. The data I choose to show is the data related to Opoid related deaths in New York state. I tried to get this data as data from Excel's (Data |From Web) Web menu item in Excel but it was not easy. I just copied and pasted and made some changes. The website for this data is coming
from here:

Here is a sample data in a Excel Spreadsheet.


I have the data for all the counties, but the above has only for the top couple of counties.

In Excel you can create the following types of Sparklines:


I will describe how to show the sparklines for the Opoid deaths for say the three counties Albany, Allegany and Bronx.

Highlight the data for the three counties as shown (keep a blank column for the Sparklines). Note that to show with some clarity, the row height has been changed.


Click Sparklines and choose column.
The Sparklines gets into the next column as shown.


Now you can see how the death varied from 2003 to 2014 in the three counties on a comparative basis. Looks like Allegany made the best changes.

Monday, June 12, 2017

How to make thumbnail show instead of image file icons in Windows Explorer?

Depending on your settings in the Control Panel instead of thumbnails in the Windows Explorer you may be seeing the icon of image program that opens the image.

You can make changes in the Control Panel to change this. Watch this slide show.

Friday, June 2, 2017

How do you add Full-Text feature to an existing installation of SQL Server 2016 SP1?

It is a good practice that you only install what you need, otherwise you may end of reserving resources for things you do not need. However often times you need to add a feature to an existing installation of SQL Server 2016. There is no better place to go than the SQL Server Installation Center. This slide show shows how you may do this.