Wednesday, October 18, 2017

How do you validate data in MS Excel?

For a range of cells that you choose, you can create criteria that must be satisfied for entering data into those cells. Any data outside the criteria will be flagged as an error.

Highlight a number of cells in a column and click the Data Validation toolbar item shown

As seen here a few cells have been highlighted and the Data Validation clicked. This will bring up the Data Validation form as shown. I set up the criteria as shown here allowing whole numbers between 1 and 200.

 Here attempting to enter 30.5 in one of the highlighted cells brings up this error message.

 Here entering a number greater than 200 brings up the message.

 You could also tailor the error message instead of the default one seen above by configuring the Error Alert tab as shown.

 Now you will see your custom message as shown.

This is the Office version used in this post.

What is the fix for the error message, 'Printer is offline'?

There could be many reasons for this error. I have a Canon MX430 series printer.
I could print earlier to this printer via Wi-Fi connection and probably after a Windows Update (usual suspect for something that breaks) I started getting the message, "Printer is offline". I know that the Printer is on and is connected to Wi-fi. Then what is the problem. The device troubleshooter in Windows 10 Professional could not fix it.

I tried to add the printer and to my dismay, I could not find the printer to add.
Then I tried to manually install following these steps.

Voila, I regained by ability to print to this printer. Do you know what? The Add Printer dialog find a networked printer. I am not what the code behind this search printers.

Sunday, October 15, 2017

What is the function SUMIF()?

The SUM() function in MS Excel adds up all values in a column as shown. You can indiate the range and hit the sigma function in the menu.


The SUMIF() function is a conditional sum function. In the example show here, the sum takes into value only those values greater than 100.


The SUMIF() function is a conditional sum function. In the example show here, the sum takes into value only those values greater than 100.


How do the Dubai fonts look like?

A recent Office 365 message referred to a new font in MS Excel called Dubai. The initial design of Dubai font family is supposed to consist of 4 styles:

Dubai Light,
Dubai (regular),
Dubai Medium and
Dubai Bold,
supporting both western European languages as well as the major languages that use the Arabic script.

Things to know about the Dubai font family:
Avoid using italics with any of the Dubai fonts, as we've not yet included true italic styles of the fonts.

The Dubai (regular) style is suited for body text and is “linked” to the Dubai Bold font. To apply the bold effect just select your text and choose bold from the Font group on the ribbon.

Because the Dubai fonts are designed for setting both Arabic and western European languages together, the space between lines is quite generous. You can tighten up this spacing by selecting Line Spacing Options from the Paragraph ribbon menu.

The font automatically installs in Word, Outlook, Excel and PowerPoint. If you'd like to have the font available to you in other programs on Windows like Microsoft Project, or third-party programs you'll need to go to download the Dubai Font Pack from the Microsoft Download Center.

In MS Excel I could find only the following:

This is in MS Word. Dubai Medium is missing and it is the same as Calibri.

In MS Word there were only two.

More here:

Download font from here: (Opentype TTF, OpenType CFF, TTF, EOT, WOFF and WOFF2)

History behind the font:

Saturday, October 14, 2017

Can I communicate with Lumia 935 with my iPhone6 using Bluetooth?

Microsoft Lumia 935 can pair with the iPhone6 but the Lumia 935 is not seen on iPhone6.

On Microsoft Lumia 935

On iPhone6

On Lumia 935 iPhone6 seems to be paired as well. Trying to send a photo using Bluetooth from Lumia 935 displays a message that the destination does not support the feature.

Thursday, October 12, 2017

Which Bitcoin wallet is good for Windows OS?

There are lots of options and that will depend on the device you will be using (Desktop, web, Smartphone, etc.). For Windows phones there is just one option-

But if you are transacting from desktop there are more options.

I may go for Electrum, a personal choice.

There are lot more options for iPhone and Android phones.

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

What is a DASD?

DASD is an acronym for Direct Access Storage Device. DASD is a secondary storage device (fixed and removable) where each physical record has a discrete storage location. The acronym was coined by IBM to designate disks, magnetic drums and data cells which also includes optical disc drives.

DASDs can be accessed,
Using Index

Hard Disk Drives (HDD) are DASDs.

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

How do you capture screenshots with Firefox?

Firefox screen shots - an application to capture sections or whole Web pages is still in BETA, but you can give it a try. I have version 56.0(32bit).

The Firefox browser has a new menu item.

 It is very easy to use. Let us say, I open this page:

I get to see today's Bing page as shown:

I used a desktop app called lightshot to capture this image.

Now let me use the Firefox Screenshot menu to capture a part of this web page. In order to describe I will be capturing the steps again using lightshot.

Click on the menu item (you will see Firefox Screenshots when you hover the item). You get this intro screen.

You just hit the right pointing arrow to get to the next page of this wizard.

Click again the arrows.

Here click on this page and select the region as shown

Click Save. It gets saved to the cloud.

Click Download and it gets into your Downloads folder as shown.

Well it can only capture anything on the Firefox browser. Useful but other tools do exist.

Monday, October 9, 2017

How do you create a moving average using MS Excel?

You could use the Data Analysis menu item on your Excel application to find moving averages. Moving averages are technical indicators of data trend.

In order to use data analysis (regression, sampling, moving average,etc.) with
MS Excel you should have the Data Analysis menu item on your Excel ribbon.
You can do it longhand (which happens to be easier) as well.

If you do not find the Data Analysis menu item in your MS Excel ribbon you should bring in the Analysis ToolPak add-in as described here.

Using Data Analysis Menu item:

Here is the data for which I want to find the moving average. This the Microsoft closing stock prices for the period shown. Only a part of the data is shown.

You click Data Analysis menu item on the ribbon to display the tasks that you can carry out.

Click on Moving Averages as the bottom of the menu. The following is displayed.

You insert the Input Range (the range that contains data for which you need the moving average. Output Range is where you want the moving average. You can also enable Chart Output as well as Standard Errors. The Interval is the moving average (200day, 100 day etc)

For the data in the sheet shown previously these are as follows:

Click OK to display the chart with data and the 7 day (there are only data for 30 days) moving average as shown.

The X-axis is the period and Y_Axis are the data and the moving average. Here are the 7day and 15 days moving averages.

Moving averages are used sometimes in buy/sell decisions of stocks. 200 Day moving average is often used. I think MSFT is a good buy.

A technical indicator compiled as a statistical series of a security's closing prices throughout 200 consecutive trading days. A 200-day moving average is designed to discover changes in a trend. Generally, a moving average is superimposed on a stock's line chart. If the stock price penetrates the moving average on the upside after a downward trend, the penetration is a signal to buy. But if the stock price penetrates the moving average on the downside following an upward trend, the penetration is a bearish sign.