Wednesday, April 17, 2013

How do you make changes to Application Pool Settings in Internet Information Services?

Sometimes the Identity of the Application pool settings needs to be managed. You may make modifications in the IIS Management Console as shown.

1. Type-in “IIS” in Start | Search of the desktop. In the pop-menu click on Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager 

The Internet Information Services Manager’s page will be displayed.

2. Click on Applications Pool in Connections . The list of Application Pools will be displayed.

Let us assume that the identity of SecurityTokenServiceApplicationPool needs to be changed.
3. In the list of Application Pools right click on the above Application Pool as shown.

4. Click on Advanced Settings...
The Advanced Settings page is displayed as shown.
In the Process Model, the identity is a Custom Identity (in this case that of the IIS Administrator).You may change it by hitting the ellipsis button of the identity.

5. Click the ellipsis button.
This brings up the Application Pool Identity page.

These are built-in identities. The next option on this screen is the Custom identity which has been set using the identity (HodentekWin7\mysorian) which has Windows Authentication. On the Advanced Settings page you may modify other parameters as well.

Finally, when you make changes to Application Pool in IIS you will have to run if you are changing this for a SharePoint farm standalone or otherwise,