Saturday, January 18, 2014

What is the easiest way to transfer a photo album from iPad to a Windows PC?

There are quite a few Apps available to carry out this task, but they do not work as advertised and may need troubleshooting. They try to transfer files using the existing WIFI.

 Photo Transfer APP

Backsup albums from iPhone, iPad,iPad mini and iPod Touch to Mac
use Photo Transfer APP

There is one for PC as well, follow this link:

I did not try the above as I was not sure if it would work (I had tried two others that did not work in the time I had allotted myself to finish transferring and to make them work required reading a long connection issues list: transmitr APP and WiFi photo) and had found an easier way.

There is only one step in this procedure:

You do not need anything other than what you should be having.

Hook your iPad (firmware 7.0.4) connector's USB end to the Windows OS computer's USB Drive (assume that the other end is connected to iPad). The Windows computer recognizes the connection and now click Start | Computer and you should be able to see your iPad as shown.

If you open the DCIM folder that is displayed when you double click Apple iPad in the above it will be empty.

After sometime you get an iPad message, Trust this computer?
Click Trust

Then the Autoplay window is displayed as shown.

Now click Open device to view files. This will open the internal storage as shown which contains your photos and it will not display the folders you might have created on the iPad.

That is all there is to it!

Friday, January 3, 2014

How do you create a Windows 8.1 recovery drive?

It is always a  good practice to create a recovery disc in case you need to start windows or you encounter starting or installing windows. In Windows 8.1(also in Windows 8) you can create a recovery drive using a USB memory drive.

Follow these steps:

  • Hold down w key and click Windows Key
Search Settings pane will open
  • Search for 'Recovery Drive'
  • Choose 'Create a recovery drive' option from the drop-down list
User Account Control (UAC) will be displayed
  • Click Yes
Recovery Drive window will be displayed with the page heading 'Create a recovery drive'. The
option 'Copy the recovery partition from the PC to the recovery drive' is checked by default.
  • Accept this default and click Next.
Recovery Drive window's next page 'Connect a USB Flash drive' is displayed.
  • Connect a 16GB  USB Flash Drive (8GB Nominal won't do)
  • Click Next
You get a message that everything on the drive will be deleted.
  • Click Create
The drive gets formatted first; utilities will be copied and following this recovery partition will be copied;
You get the message that recovery drive is ready. You have the option to delete the recovery
partition on your computer. I did not choose this option.
  • Click Finish.
You will not get any other message.
The contents of the recovery drive is as shown.

Wednesday, January 1, 2014