Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Does iPad Air support multi-user logins?

Having mulit-users for a tablet/iPad type devices is a good feature to have. Of course you can sell more iPads if only one user is targetted, but is it prudent? Not if you want your minor to have his own. It is best if he/she can share with an adult who can oversee if some mischief is going to take place.

Also there is the question of economics? single earner families with more than one child for example.

iPad Air does not allow you to share the iPad with another user. Another user can use but the identity will be that of yours. This has caused some embarassments in sending out wrong information when the iPad was used by two with the profile of a single user.

Only Android and Windows OS has the capability of mainatining multiple users and their profiles. Galaxy Note Pro 12.2 (using Android OS); Nokia and Toshiba tablets that use Windows OS support multiple users.

There are some apps for iPad that can create multiple users. But this is only for certain mail applications etc. It cannot be truly called Multiple-user support.

Also read here:
More scenarios for multi-users from here, http://www.citeworld.com/article/2114769/tablets/tablets-supporting-
"When you're talking about a tablet, that strict single-user assumption breaks down (Apple's unspoken message appears to be that everyone should have their own iOS device). Many families share one (or more) tablet(s) among some, if not all, family members. In education settings, multiple students may share a tablet during a single class or the same tablets may be used by different students in each class session. In business, teams may share a pool of tablets
that each user can check one out as needed for meetings or presentations - a technique that can be used in a wide range of professions such as as sales, marketing, healthcare, teaching or training, law enforcement and field support. Even when tablets aren't explicitly shared, students or workers may need to let someone else use a tablet to add content, review work or browse information."

How do you lock a TSA approved suitcase-lock on Delsey Helium Shadow 2?

I recently bought a Delsey Helium Shadow 2 suitcase which came with a E-181 lock which can
be set by a user but can be opened by Transportation Security Administration staff without
damaging the  lock or the suitcase.

I add another picture to Delsey's own documentation as it does not tell you any details about part B
on its instruction sheet in the next picture. I had to call them at 1-877-333-0126 to find out the details.

The Parts B shown in the above  are the two zipper ends (shown below) that you should align just below the lock as shown in the next image. Lift the tags and push in slots in the lock.


Sunday, September 21, 2014

How to join a Windows tablet to the HomeGroup?

I recently bought a Toshiba Encore 2 WT10 A tablet (OS: Windows 8.1) by trading in my iPad which had several problems one of which was the network connection was falling off too often and emails
remained unread till my next stop at Apple Store.

Toshiba's tablet is quite nice, the cameras are not that great but lots of peripherals like external memory, USB etc.. Anyway, I have Nokia Icon which takes superb pictures and I have whole suit of Nokia Camera related apps that fixes up most photos I take.

Joining the HomeGroup

I wanted the tablet to join the HomeGroup which was already present on my Toshiba Satelite 570 Series laptop with its own default password. I think each device comes with it own default HomeGroup password which you can 'leave' to 'join' another.

All I needed to do was to start tapping Settings -> Change PC Settings -> Network -> and HomeGroup in that order. Then the HomeGroup details gets displayed as shown.

You should click the 'Leave' button on the tablet and copy and paste the password from the Homegroup on your laptop (or PC) in its place and click 'Join' on your tablet.

Now the tablet has joined the laptop's HomeGroup. You can also enable other options as to what can be shared on this HomeGroup page. However, you have to select one at a time since it takes a while for the share to be enabled.