Tuesday, February 17, 2009

What is JSON?

 JSON stands for Javascript Object Notation. It is a special object notational construct and is a subset of JavaScript. It can be used wherever JavaScript can be used and you do not need to download anything. There is no need to worry about the version of JavaScript, It works with all JavaScript versions.

RFC 4627 describes all aspects of JSON. JSON was designed to be brief (small), textual, and portable. The MIME Media Type is now registered as application/json. JSON can handle exchanging data in applications written in different programming languages such as C, C#, ColdFusion, Perl, Python, Ruby, and so forth.

On getting JSON data from SQL Server read this interesting artilce by William Brewer.

How do I display the currency rates of four countries on my site?

First of all you need to get hold of a web service that provides this information daily.

Then you need to write a client application to access the service.
You can do write the client application in Java, .NET, VB etc.

Monday, February 9, 2009

How can I turn folder pictures into a slide show?

I have many folders with pictures and only in some of them I can show pictures in a slide show( in Windows XP), how can I turn folder pictures into a slide show?

There is a default behavior that you can turn on for all folders. However for a single folder, the best way is to access the folder properties by right clicking the folder.
This opens the Properties window as shown. In here the folder name is SQLDeveloper. Presently I cannot bring up the slide show.

Click on the Customize tab of this window. Then click on the drop-down handle as shown and choose Picture Album.

Now when you open the folder you have Picture Tasks navigation on the left where you find the "View as a slide show".

Now you are ready to show off.