Tuesday, October 6, 2015

How do you access data using ODBC data connectivity in R?

R language is well suited for statistics and graphics. R is also good at handling data, perhaps not in large-scale. In order to connect to an ODBC source, it needs an ODBC connector which is found in a library called RODBC.

When you install a number of packages are available out of the box shown here:

Installed Packages.png

However you may not find the RODBC in the list. You need to install this library.
You can find RODBC library download here for WIndows.

You will be downloading a zip file named RODBC_1.3-12.zip

You can download it to a location of your choice but move this file to the( library folder) in the folder created by the R installation.

The zip file from the download location(desktop) was moved to the folder C:\Program Files\R\R-3.2.2\library.



Now if you bring up the installed packages from R-GUI you will see RODBC as shown.


Now you are ready to use the RODBC library in working with R.
In the RGUI(64-bit) just type library (RODBC) at the prompt as shown. You get another prompt but nothing else.
> library(RODBC)
For help with RODBC you can type the following at R prompt:
This will open up the help file in HTML at : as shown:


Now you can use this help file to explore RODBC further.

There are two groups of functions in RODBC, The internet odbc* commands implement low-level access to ODBC functions and the sql* functions operate at a higher level to read, save, copy etc. You can connect to hosts or DSNs.

Happy data hunting!

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