Friday, June 16, 2017

How do you create Sparklines in Excel?

Sparklines are tiny charts of related information covering a range of data placed in an EXCEL cell.

I have Microsoft Office 365 Business version 1704. I will describe using this version of Excel. The data I choose to show is the data related to Opoid related deaths in New York state. I tried to get this data as data from Excel's (Data |From Web) Web menu item in Excel but it was not easy. I just copied and pasted and made some changes. The website for this data is coming
from here:

Here is a sample data in a Excel Spreadsheet.


I have the data for all the counties, but the above has only for the top couple of counties.

In Excel you can create the following types of Sparklines:


I will describe how to show the sparklines for the Opoid deaths for say the three counties Albany, Allegany and Bronx.

Highlight the data for the three counties as shown (keep a blank column for the Sparklines). Note that to show with some clarity, the row height has been changed.


Click Sparklines and choose column.
The Sparklines gets into the next column as shown.


Now you can see how the death varied from 2003 to 2014 in the three counties on a comparative basis. Looks like Allegany made the best changes.

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