Friday, January 3, 2014

How do you create a Windows 8.1 recovery drive?

It is always a  good practice to create a recovery disc in case you need to start windows or you encounter starting or installing windows. In Windows 8.1(also in Windows 8) you can create a recovery drive using a USB memory drive.

Follow these steps:

  • Hold down w key and click Windows Key
Search Settings pane will open
  • Search for 'Recovery Drive'
  • Choose 'Create a recovery drive' option from the drop-down list
User Account Control (UAC) will be displayed
  • Click Yes
Recovery Drive window will be displayed with the page heading 'Create a recovery drive'. The
option 'Copy the recovery partition from the PC to the recovery drive' is checked by default.
  • Accept this default and click Next.
Recovery Drive window's next page 'Connect a USB Flash drive' is displayed.
  • Connect a 16GB  USB Flash Drive (8GB Nominal won't do)
  • Click Next
You get a message that everything on the drive will be deleted.
  • Click Create
The drive gets formatted first; utilities will be copied and following this recovery partition will be copied;
You get the message that recovery drive is ready. You have the option to delete the recovery
partition on your computer. I did not choose this option.
  • Click Finish.
You will not get any other message.
The contents of the recovery drive is as shown.

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