Thursday, November 15, 2012

Do you want to upload 2GB files to sky?

Aloha from Bengaluru

Microsoft SkyDrive has just released the stuff that helps you to upload 2GB files. That's hefty!!

You can also pick and choose files that you need (Selective Sync) from SkyDrive as well as better organize your uploads. SkyDrive also has a SkyBin. You don't need it, send it to SkyBin and, you want it, get it restored.

Web, Mobile and Desktop (WMD, not that WMD) boundaries are disappearing. They are all one and the same, your stuff, but just 3 avataras.

Note: SkyBin is the blogger's construct.


Share / Sync

Skybin (Recycle bin on SkyDrive)

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