Tuesday, August 16, 2016

What is RavPower Filehub?

RavPower Filehub has a number of functionalities in one small device. What I have is a model called 'Seabird', a middle range device in the Filehubs. They have one called 'Combi' a low end device and 'Pon' a higher end device.

I am basically interested in file transfers from my phones which have reached limits for storage and I would like to have files on my own device rather than in the cloud. I think this device would do it.

I have just started using it and perhaps in a couple of days I should be able to verify its full potential. This is just the basic set up and it is fairly easy to use as you can read from the post.

You need to download software (from www.RavPower.com) for the device and they have software to go with the iOS, Windows, Android and Mac Platforms. Since I needed file transfer capability from both Lumia 950 and iPhone 6S, I downloaded the required files shown in this image.

FileHub Plus_V1.0.8.0.exe   Windows
FileHub Plus V2.0.024.ipa   iOS

Basic set up for file transfer:
  • Install the Windows version of FileHub Plus.
  • You connect your storage device to the Filehub with a USB Cable. The storage device in this case is the My Passport ULTRA from Western Dynamics.

  • Turn on the Filehub device and hold the power for the Wi-Fi indicator at the ceenter of the device above the power button. In the beginning it will flicker and then becomes steady.
  • Now turn on your PC which is connected to a Wi-Fi network. Refresh the Wi-Fi Connections.


Run the downloaded executable (FileHub Plus_V1.0.8.0.exe) and the login window is displayed and hit the center REFRESH button. The device is discovered


Highlight the device in the above and click Log In button to display the FileHub Plus login screen. Just click Login as the password is empty (you can change it later if you wish to).


The password is blank and remove if any characters are in this field. If there are no errors then you should see this FileHub Plus dashboard.


Click on Settings and review the Settings menu.


The next image shows that I can connect to two of my windows devices on the Wi-Fi (from Network DNS Clients).

The basic set up is very easy and with the dashboard which is nicely arranged you can test out the other file operations.

Problems encountered in file transfer.

The app cannot find the local files.

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