Tuesday, December 8, 2015

How does the latest Firefox compare with Microsoft Edge for HTML5?

This morning a Windows 10 Update was applied. It took a while to get the computer back for working. Microsoft Edge has many neat features and it is supposed to be better designed for HTML 5  for speed and performance than the earlier browser versions. On the other hand I recently installed Firefox 42 which is also pretty good.

I just wanted to see how they compare and ran a test on this site (http://html5test.com/) for the two browsers I have on my Windows 10 Pro.

Firefox 42

 MicrosoftEdge (EdgeHTML13.10586)


It appears Firefox 42.0 is quite good with a slightly (not a big difference) better rating. May be you should go to this site and check out the details.

But surely, Microsoft Edge is catching up and coming out Open.

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