Wednesday, September 2, 2015

How do you connect to Windows 10 remotely?

In order to do this you need to enable Remote Desktop Access on your WIndows 10 computer. It is easy and works OK. It is a very useful feature and provides lot of flexibility.

In this scenario I am connecting to Windows 10 on my laptop remotely from my Windows 7 (x64) Professional on my P775 Toshiba Satellite computer.

Click Start on Windows 7 and locate the item Remote Desktop Connection at the very top (could be different in yours, look for it).

Click on it to open the following (you may need to click on Options at the bottom:

Enter the name of the computer (XXXXXXX) here and place checkmark for 'Allow me to save credentials' and click OK.

Windows Security page opens asking for credentials. Enter your password and click OK.


You get a message to 1) Turn on the remote computer and 2) Enable remote access on that computer.
Now go to the Windows 10 computer and open the Control Panel and locate System Properties and click open the Remote tab as shown.


Place check mark for Allow remote connections to this computer and click OK.
//You may get the following  message, just click OK and Apply/OK on the previous screen.
Come back to your Windows 7 computer and enter the credentials again and this time you may  this certificate related message.


Clicking on View Certificate opens the following page with three tabs as shown. Some details of the above are here:
Certificate | General:

Certificate | Details:

Certification Path

Just click Yes on the main message about certificate.
Voila! you have successfully established your cnnection to the remove desktop.


Here is a clearer screen showing the taskbar on Windows 10. Note that you can only see the desktop sans shortcuts.

Now If I go and do something on my Windows 10 then the remote connection will be lsot as shown.


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