Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Can you install Microsoft Movie Maker on Windows 10?

The answer is yes. Yes, you can.

It comes as a bundle in Windows Essentials 2012. I think if you installed it on Windows 8.1 before upgrading to Window 10, it should still work. However, you may download Windows Essentials 2012 once again and install from the bundle you need not install all the items in the Windows Essentials, you can pick and choose.

Get Windows Essentials 2012 (wlsetup-web.exe) from here:

Microsoft site does not mention that it can be installed on Windows 10, but in fact it does and works without any errors.

Here are some screenshots from my most recent installation:

In this screen you choose what to install.

 Once installed you can find the app in All Apps under 'M'

 Here is mp4 video imported into the movie maker.

You cannot directly import from your phone, you need to get it on your computer.

Good luck!

Learn how to reduce the size of a video and clean it up with Movie Maker:

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