Thursday, July 16, 2015

How do you install JSON.NET?

The installation of is very easy. There are three ways you can do it. When you hit the download button on this site you will see the details.


Since I will be using the Visual Studio IDE. I will show how to install it by invoking the Packet Manager console.

Launch Visual Studio 2013 Community edition (this is a free version).

Create a new C# project with the name JsonRead. This creates the folder JsonRead in Solution Explorer and the C# file, JsonRead.cs as shown.


From Tools | NuGet Packet Manager click on the Packet Manager Console as shown.

The Packet Manager Console pane opens as shown. I have already added the package Newtonsoft.Net package to another project called JsonWrite,


Type in the following at the PM> prompt as shown

PM>Install-package Newtonsoft.Json
Json.Net gets added to the project JsonRead as shown in the Solution Explorer


Newtonsoft.Net gets added to the project as shown.


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