Saturday, July 30, 2016

What is dynamic SQL?

It is a batch of SQL statements that you can run by executing the batch.

Basically you declare a command variable and execute the command. The Command variable has the executable T-SQL code.  The executable code may also contain the following:

  • System Stored Procedure
  • User defined stored procedure
  • CLR stored procedure
  • Scalar valued user-defined function
  • Extended stored procedure
Let me first give an example which is often used to demonstrate the use of Dynamic SQL. I am using SQL Server 2016 but using a database imported from SQL Server 2014.


The first line of code declares a variable @cmd of data type characters

The second line declares a variable @tbl also of data type characters

The third statement sets a value for the @tbl variable which in this case AdventureWorks2014.Person.Address table. This statement does not require the context of AdventureWorks2014, but can be run from 'master'

The fourth statement declares what the @cmd variable should do when executed. It is just a SELECT statement that selects the top 5 rows from the Person.Address table.

You can see that this dynamic SQL returns the results requested.

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