Tuesday, July 12, 2016

What is the difference between Standard HTML5 and HTML5+Cordova Project in Intel XDK?

In all my previous posts in this blog we only looked at Standard HTML5 projects. In Standard HTML5, the project was packaged as a web app and host it on a server (the Intel XDK server in this case) as an HTML5 web app, or build it for distribution via popular mobile app stores. For testing purposes, you would use the Intel XDK Preview app available from app stores. There are couple of examples and posts on this site. Standard HTML5 Projects are built for Desktops, smartphones and tablets.

The HTML5+Cordova projects on the other hand are built for smartphones and tablets for all of the following OSs: android, iOS, Windows and also as a web app.

The pages you create use both the Standard HTML5 and Cordova APIs and can be distributed via popular app stores.
You will be devleoping as a hybrid mobile app that can,

  • Use sensor data on the phone including camera, gps, accelerometer etc
  • Access device hardware;Near field communication(NFC); Bluetooth, Camera etc
  • Manage file storage and caching. Also access databases like calendars, contacts
  • Work with third-party plug-ins
More on Cross-Walk here:
Cross-Walk is also android specific but built on Open Source foundation.

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