Tuesday, July 5, 2016

How do you get at the details of the XML content in R?

In a 2006 post regarding getting the innards of an XML document, I had used Microsoft.XMLDOM as an ActiveX object.

The Document is the root of an XML Document and has constituent parts, Element, Node, Attribute and Text. In the present post I am using the same XML document I probed in my previous posts shown here.

In a recent post I showed how to parse (see here as well)  an XML document using R. In this post I describe how to get the 'innards' of an XML document using the function xmlSApply().

With these three lines of statements in R you can parse the XML document here and here.
> library(XML)
>fileName="C:\\Users\\Jayaram\\Desktop\\SQLServer2016D\\R Server\\Mystudents.xml"
> xmlFile

The xmlFile has the document.

The document (r) is the root of the XML document and you get it using:
> r < -xmlRoot(xmlFile)
-----------<-xmlroot br="" xmlfile="">
Now you can look at the details of the elements as shown here using xmlName, xmlValue, xmlAttrs and xmlChildren:
> xmlSApply(r[[2]], xmlName)
         name   legacySkill
       "name" "legacySkill"
           name     legacySkill
  "Linda Jones" "Access, VB5.0"
> xmlSApply(r[[1]],xmlAttrs)$name

> xmlSApply(r[[1]], xmlChildren)
Linda Jones

Access, VB5.0


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