Friday, May 6, 2016

How do I work with Apache Cordova using Visual Studio 2015?

Intel XDK has great resources for HTML5 Web apps targeting mulitple platforms. Additonally it has debugging support for iOS and Android devices but not for Windows platform.

The free version of Visual Studio 2015 called the Visual Studio 2015 Community has excellent support for everything from web to data; on-site, cloud and hybrid applications including Business Intelligence. This support is out of the box for Windows platform. However, for open source and third party there are extensions that can be used.

You can add extensions to work with Apache Cordova based apps. Here are some of the extenions presently available online.

The Cordova Multiplatform is well suited for HTML5 but the language used is TypeScript. I am not sure if there is one in JavaScript.

More information here.

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