Sunday, September 13, 2015

What is Windows Journal, where can I find it?

Windows Journal is installed when you install Windows 10. It is a very cool program. I wish it had more options to export the notes.

I have been using Notepad for writing notes for a long time. I have neither been attracted to OneNote nor have I found Notepad 8 an attractive substitute for Notepad which remained as Notepad for all versions of Windows. Notepad 8 made its debut in Windows 8, but frankly it was quite bad.
Windows 10 comes, out-of-the bxo with a program called Windows Journal. This is quite a good one and its presence may not be quite obvious.

Click on All apps and scroll down to letter W. You can see Windows Journal after expanding Windows Accessories (3rd from bottom).


When you click this you will be greeted with a message. The message window is on top of the Windows Journal's default note, Note1 as shown.


You agree to install and click Yes. It might require permission and after which the driver is installed.


It is now ready to use. You can insert text (after clicking Insert | Textbox) and start typing in the box. You can format it anyway you want, size, font, color etc. You can insert an image from your computer or you can sketch out something with the minimalist drawing tools. Here is an example of what I did.


You can save it and it gets saved to the Notes folder as shown. Of course you can choose another location.

You an also send it over to someone by email as, a journal note (opened by Windows Journal of the receiver);a web page (,mht) that you cannot edit; or a black and white image(.tiff)

Do not forget to check out the Help menu item.

I think this is a cool tool since Notepad was lacking in some many features and MS Word had too many less used features.

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