Thursday, September 3, 2015

What is Web RTC?

WebRTC is still evolving although it has already made a big presence.

WebRTC stands for Web-based Real-Time Communications. It is free and the WebRTC project provides mobile applications and browsers to have communication capabilities using simple Application Programming Interfaces (APIs).  Since voice and video are involved it is complicated because of various standards it has to contend with.

WebRTC is supported by Google, Mozilla, Opera and others. Microsoft is not in the list having differences over some of the details such as Google's VP8 video codec to become the default.

Microsoft has its own web based communication which is called CU-RTC-WEB. Microsoft acquired Skype which has browser-based version of voice and video calling application and it is in Microsoft's interest to stay with evolving WebRTC.

The key resource is

Here are the components of WebRTC, a screen shot from the WebRTC site.

If you are interested in the under-the-hood details of WebRTC go here (

Here is video of browser based communication between Mozilla and Chrome.

Read more on how the technology is evolving;

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