Thursday, September 24, 2015

How to get around 'HTTP 503 Error: Service not available' error in IIS 7.5 on Windows 7.1 SP1?

My localhost (the default website) has not been active for a longtime and I wanted to test a PHP script. To my dismay, I could not even browse to the IISStart.htm that is on all installations. I got the following error.


I am using a Toshiba Satellite laptop X64 with Windows 7 Ultimate with SP1. I had various programs running while writing the book on SQL Server Reporting Services 2012 such as PHP, SharePoint Server, etc. It is possible I had tweaked items around a lot.

I stopped and started the server and the problem remained. There was a fix in stackoverflow site pertaining to this error.

To get this going, I had to make some changes to the advanced settings of the Application pools by clicking the Application Pools as shown:

Clicking Advanced Settings displays the following:

As suggested the Load User Profile was changed to FALSE. I restarted the server and the 503 Error was displayed when I browsed the IISStart.htm as in the first image above.

Then I looked at the Application Pools status and realized that the DefaultappPool had stopped.


When I started it the 503 Error went away and i could display the IISStart.htm page.


I went back to Advanced Settings and the 'Load User Profile' was set to TRUE. Changing to FALSE did not produce the 503 error. 

I looked at what this settings meant and here  is a screen shot. This sets the mode to IIS 6.0



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