Monday, September 26, 2016

What is meant by JavaScript Lint?

JavaScript Lint is designed to check JavaScript and helps you prevent making coding mistakes in the JavaScript code you write. Many JavaScript implementations do not have warning mechanisms built-in to check the code for errors and that is where JavaScript Lint beocmes very useful. Using JavaScript Lint you need not actually run the code and you need not even open a web page which has JavaScript code.

Where do you get it?

You can download it from this site: You also find documentation there.

JavaScript Lint is based on the Javascript engine for Firefox browser which makes it possible not only to check JavaScript syntax but also warn about quesitonable code.

To get started with JavaScript Lint, download the appropriate package and extract its contents.
JavaScript Lint 0.3.0 for Windows (
JavaScript Lint 0.3.0 for Mac OS X Intel (jsl-0.3.0-mac.tar.gz)
JavaScript Lint 0.3.0 Source (jsl-0.3.0-src.tar.gz)

JavaScript Lint can be run in different ways:
Integrate it into Visual Studio
From Windows Explorer
Using command line

Developers can also integrate them into their Windows programs or from a PHP site.
More on Forums, Wiki etc here:

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