Wednesday, May 25, 2016

What is new in Microsoft Edge Windows Build 14342 for developers?

Recently updated the insider's version to 14342 from 14295.

Swipe Navigation is new in Microsoft Edge
Swipe anywhere on the web page left to right or right to left to navigate.

New Extensions in 14342
  • AdBlock
  • AdBlockPlus
  • Pinterest
  • Save to Pocket
Click Ellipsis button and Click Extensions

You need to get extensions from Windows Store

--Install from Windows Store

I already had the Microsoft Translator on my previous version but I could not load it. Looks like I need to get the extension again.

In versions earlier to this you could do the following:

Pin/unpin tab. Right click tab to pin the tab. This is quite useful although browser displays some of regularly used pages when you click the + New tab.

You could pin a number of interesting tabs as shown.

Right click the pinned tab and pick Unpin to unpin it. Unpinning windows logo site.

Drag and drop folders to reorder in Favorites Bar.
Of course you can sort the Favorites.

View Source & Inspect Element contextual menu items

Click ellipsis at extreme right end of browser and choose F12 Developer Tools, the first time. Now if you right click on the page you can access View Source and Inspect Element. Of course you can hide it from other users.

The Context menu then shows the View Source and Inspect Element items. If you hide it  you just get Select and Print when the you right click on the web page.

Paste and Go

You could copy a hyperlink from anywhere (for example typed into Notepad or copied from a web page) and then in a new search box right click to get the context menu and pick,  Paste and go to navigate to that page.

These are great features but one of the problems that has not gone away is that the browser hangs when changing tabs. Sometimes you need to get the task manager to get rid of it.

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