Monday, May 2, 2016

How do you create a Arduino Project in Visual Studio 2015 Community?

Arduino has a number of hardware products (microcontrollers. SoC, etc) that can be used for various end uses including the Internet Of Things (IoT).

Visual Studio can be used to create Arduino projects wherein the application created using the Visual Studio can be used to control like in robotics, garage openers, light dimmers, etc. to mention a few.

The more recent Visual Studio editions that are free and well suited for Arduino projects are the two Community Editions, Visual Studio 2013 Community and Visual Studio 2015 Community.

The first thing you need is to install Visual Studio (either 2013 or 2015). If you want to know details for 'how' follow these two posts.

This post considers the Visual Studio 2015 Community(VS2015C).
A default install of VS2015C does not have the 'hooks' to create a Arduino Project. You will not find it in the 'New Project' templates.

You need to install the Arduino Extension for Visual Studio 2015. You can get an idea how to do it by following this Swaytorial:

Once you install this you can create an Arduino Project from File | New Arduino Project.


Click and you have created a project. It is that easy.


You just need to give a name to the project and the template is ready.
I have a few projects created with the VS2013C on my blog which you may want to review.

Analog Serial Readout

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