Monday, February 15, 2016

Is my Microsoft Edge infected?

Yes, it very much looks like. I allowed a comment on my blog while using Microsoft Edge and this problem showed up. The page shows up with this message:

Once this message comes, none of the other pages are reachable.
Steps I took:
Reported the comment on my blog ass scam.
Used the Task Manager to close Microsoft Edge.
Deleted browsing history and cookies.

Right now the Firefox is working. I read that this infects Chrome and Firefox as well. A remedy has been recommended (on the Internet)  to close all programs and hard boot. I will try it next.
Unfortunately you cannot rely on Windows Defender as it does not tell what the problem is.

Notes added: 1:45 PM Hawaii
The problem continues with Microsoft Edge. This post is written on Firefox. Adding the offending site to the Restricted sites did not help the problem.

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