Thursday, December 10, 2015

What is tablet mode of a computer?

In Windows 10 you can have your screen look and act like a tablet or just as a PC.

In the PC mode you can have both the desktop look like this (right click the Windows icon at far left and bottom),

or access to all apps like this (click Windows icon at far left and bottom)

All apps_look

However you can change this to look like a tablet by taking these following steps:

Click Windows Icon and from the pop-up menu click Settings.

In Settings click on Notifications & Actions settings after searching for Actions.

 Click on Notifications & actions settings to display the following:

Then click on Tablet mode and turn it on from off.

The moment you make this change the desktop display changes to tablet mode:

If you want to return to PC mode, do the reverse. Find Notifications and Actions settings in Cortana and turn-off tablet mode. This is supported only on some kind of PCs like this one (Windows 10 Pro x64 bit on Toshiba Satellite S70 series with touch screen)  used for this post.

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