Friday, December 4, 2015

What is R Studio and how do I get it?

R Studio is an integrate development environment (IDE) for R programming. You can do everything  you do in R and much more.
The download link for R Studio is here (

If you download now you get the version RStudio-0.99.489.exe (~76MB). Double click this executable and you will install R Studio. While installing you can choose the location where you want it installed.

The R Studio IDE is launched when you double click the shortcut after installation. On a Windows 10 computer an app will be installed in All Apps. The R Version is 3.2.2.


Viktor Batlov said...

R-Studio 7.8 Registration Key

Jayaram Krishnaswamy said...

I am not sure if we are speaking about the same R-Studio. I will check it anyway. Thanks