Tuesday, December 2, 2014

What are the different frameworks you can use with Intel XDK App Designer project?

In the latest version of Intel XDK you can create one of four frameworks to work with. They are,
  • App Framework
  • BootStrap 3
  • jQuery Mobile
  • TopCoat
App Framework
Basically used for mobile devices and supports native OS such as Googl Android, Apple iOS, RIMBlackberry and Microsffot Windows 8. It has no outside dependencies and optimized for speed. It is Javascript library for mobile HTML5 apps.

Bootstrap 3
It is an open source UI library mostly used for web. Although not meant for mobile devices it still works OK. It is heavy on CSS3 and uses jQuery

jQuery Mobile
Uses JQuery and meant for mobile and optimized for touch. Use HTML5 for UI design for rsponsive weeb and apps (smartphone, tablet and desktop).

Pure Open source CSS for clean mobile and web apps. Optimized for performance with no other dependencies. It has its origins in Adobe design.

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