Thursday, October 23, 2014

How do I take a screenshot of a display on my Windows Phone 8.1?

This is easy but a little tricky but you do get a signal when you capture an image.
I am using Nokia Icon using Windows Phone 8.1 Preview.

Also you may not have a folder called Screenshots in your Photo where it is supposed to get saved. But as soon as you add your first screen shot, a folder Screenshots will be created where your first screen shot is stored. You do not need an app to do this.

How do you capture?

With the display showing your image, hold and press both Volume Up(hardware) and Start (hardware) buttons together. This is the tricky part because the Start (hardware start) button when pressed turns your display dark and I could do it only 30% of the times. But it does work.

Here is a screenshot I took today:


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