Monday, June 28, 2010

How do you create an application in IIS 7.0?

Now that Windows 7 has become very popular it is easy to host web applications on IIS 7. You can use the IIS 7 interface to create an empty web application.

In the Search programs and files box, after you click Start in the desktop enter IIS and initiate a search. You will see both IIS 7 and IIS 6 in the response at the top.

Click IIS 7. The IIS Manager gets displayed as shown.

Right click Default Web Site to display the menu shown.

Click Add item. The Add Application window is displayed as shown.

Provide an alias of your choosing. Herein TestAppIIS. Accept the default for application pool.

Click on the ellipsis button (...) for the physical path.

In the folder browser select a folder for the files (you can also create an empty folder). Click OK. This gets into the Add Application window you saw earlier.

Hit Test Settings...button.

You will get a warning as to the account access to the file.

Click on Connect as... button.

The Connect as window shows up. Choose the option (specific user) shown next.

Click on the Set... button.
In the Set Credentials window enter the credentials (herein the administrator of this computer)as shown.

When you hit OK, the information gets into Connect as window.

Click OK. You will be returned to the Add Application window.

Click Test Settings... button one more time.

This time it looks Ok.

Click Close. Click OK on Add Application.

Your application will now be available in the Default Web Site as shown here.

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