Saturday, August 16, 2008

How does an Access table copy over to MS SQL Server 2008?

Here is an example of how Categories table in Northwind database would copy over to the SQL Server 2008 Database Nwind2008.

MS Access:

Category ID  Primary Key Data Type: AutoNumber Long Integer Indexed:Yes(No dups)
CategoryName: Data Type: Text FieldSize:15 AllowZeroLength:No Indexed:Yes(No dups)
Descripton: Data Type:Memo AllowZeroLength+NO, Indexed:No, Required:no
Picture: OLE Object Required:NO

SQL Server 2008:
CategoryID: Int AllowNulls:NO
CategoryName: nvarchar(15) AllowNulls:No
Description: nvarchar(MAX) allowNulls:Yes
Picture: Data Type: image Allow Nulls:Yes

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