Thursday, August 21, 2008

How do you turn on and turn off Report Server Web Service functionality in SQL Server 2008?

You can turn off and turn on Reporting services functionality using the SQL Server Management Studio.

Step 1: Connect to the Report Server from File |Connect Object Explorer... to open the
Connect to Server window.

Step 2: Pick Reporting  Services and click [assumed authentication is OK].
After a while the  Report Server opens in Management Studio as shown.

Step 3: Right click the Report Server node to reveal drop-down menu as shown.

Step 4: Click on Facets.

The View Facets window opens. It shows the surface area exposed with all reporting services programs running. You can change the TRUE to FALSE for these services to turn them off for one reason or another. Suppose you are managing reports and viewing them without a need for a Report Manager, then you can turn off Report Manager here. Later if you do need you can turn it on. Similarly for Scheduled events and Web Services as well. After making changes click OK.

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