Friday, February 10, 2017

How do you print from an iPhone?

I have an iPhone6 and I wanted to print to my Canon MX340. I tried the following. It would work if I had at least Canon MX341 or later.

The first thing to check before you try to print with the method suggested here is to make sure you have Windows OS 7 or 8. This may not work with Windows 10.

At first download the following app (Air Photo WiFi Printing) from Apple Store to your phone.


After downloading you launch the app and it opens the following:


Now you go to the computer to which you have connected the printer by a USB connector (this may work even if it is not connected as this app configures Wi-Fi and your printer is recognized by the Bonjour Service) and double click the downloaded file with extension .msi.

This installs the service and follows it up by installing Bonjour Service to discover your phone.
Now choose a photo from your phone.


Click Select Printer.

If your Printer is one of those AirPrint printers then you are in luck otherwise you get a message like this:


Well which of the printer is an AirPrint printer. There are whole lot of printers in the market and some of them are AirPrint type.

Get a list of all those printers here:

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