Monday, December 26, 2016

How do you use Microsoft Mouse Gestures?

Mouse Gestures are something more you can do with your mouse than just clicking here and there. It makes you more productive.

Mouse gesture extension is a Microsoft extension that allows you perform browsing tasks using mouse gesture. You need to right click the mouse before gesturing. If you are in the InPrivate browsing mode you cannot use extensions.

You get Mouse Gesture extension app from Microsoft Store. It is available for PC from Microsoft store.

Install it and you get to see this:

Ways to work with mouse gestures:

Right click mouse, hold down and move to right edge to close the tab.

Right click mouse, hold down and move to left edge to go to previous tab.

Right click mouse, hold down move down and move left to close all tabs except the present.

Right click mouse, hold down, move left and move up to close all tabs.

Read about all gestures here:


All gestures here:

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