Thursday, September 8, 2016

How do you create WordCloud? Is there a online tool?

Word Cloud ( a group of words with various sizes having the appearance of a cloud) takes in lots of words and produces a picture of the words with their sizes based on how many counts of them are in the lot.

Here is an example of words that I used as keywords in one of my blogs (used a subset only):

Visual Studio 2015 Community Update 3, Visual Studio Community, Visual Studio Dev Essentials., Visual Studio Express 2015 for Desktop, Visual Studio Express 2015 for Windows Desktop, Visual Studio Extensions, Voice commands, Voice Over, VoIP, VP8 Codec, VS 2008, VS 2015 Community, VSIX, W3C, Warmer color, watchOS, WaveHC, Web, web app, Web Application, Web Apps, Web Browser Control, Web content loading; Head compression, Web Matrix, Web Matrix 3, Web Note, WEB page data, Web Pages, Web Server, Web Services on

When I create a Word Cloud this is the picture you see:


Yes there is an online program. The image is created using an online java program which you can access here:

I had to upgrade my Java to a new version before I can see this on my Firefox browser. This may not work on Microsoft Edge.

Here is the UI of the WordCloud that you can customize with fonts, colors, layouts etc.

In order to create use the Create menu in the online tool. In the text box enter a number of words separated by commas. Hit Go and yo will see the image which you can customize.

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