Monday, March 21, 2016

Where do you find the MAC address on a smartphone?

In order to access Hotspot provided by your internet provider you may have to register your phones with the service provider. You will also require your userid and password. The provider would ask for the MAC (Machine Access Control) address of your phone. MAC address is also called Physical Address. Normally this is found in the settings of your phone.

For Windows Phone Microsoft Lumia 950 it is found under:
Settings---About---Device Information--MAC ADDRESS
With the following format:
Mac Address: 33-F3-8D-99-0A-99 (some fictitious address)

For Apple iPhone 6S it is found under:
Settings-----General----About---;Wi-Fi address
with the format similar to the above.
Wi-Fi address: 33:F3:8D:99:0A:99 (some fictitious address)

You better don't give away your MAC address to anybody as it is unique for a phone. If somebody spoofs it and commits something inappropriate you could be blamed for it.

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