Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Is there a personal expenses related EXCEL template?

 Yes, there happens to one which looks good.
Microsoft's Personal Expense Excel template is a nice piece of organization application. Perhaps you should give it a try. It is built with three sheets that are interactive and each sheet has a lot of information.

Here are some pictures that will give a preview of what it can do.

Just click on Create to create the template.

The template gets created immediately. At the bottom you can see the three sheets. The first sheet in view is the dashboard.  I think it is showing graph for six months. The page is interactive, you an switch off a month or two and the graph changes. similarly with the categories etc. It's based on Power Pivot (I think).

 This is the expense log arranged chronologically and categorically. After downloading the template and saving with your name, you can make suitable changes and customize it.

 This is the Categories sheet.

 Here using the category drop-down you can do sorting, switch of couple of the categories or even all of them, etc
 Here I took April off to see what difference it made for the dashboard. Actually thee interactivity in the dashboard is very useful to see your spending habits, more Starbucks; less eat out, more cinema, etc.
Give it a try!!

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