Monday, January 25, 2016

Where can I download Microsoft Network Monitor?

Microsoft Network Monitor has been replaced by Microsoft Message Analyzer that works with Windows 10.

This paragraph from Microsoft Documentation:
Microsoft Message Analyzer is a new tool for capturing, displaying, and analyzing protocol messaging traffic, events, and other system or application messages in network troubleshooting and other diagnostic scenarios. Message Analyzer also enables you to load, aggregate, and analyze data from log and saved trace files. It is the successor to Microsoft Network Monitor 3.4 and is a key component in the Protocol Engineering Framework (PEF) that was created by Microsoft to improve protocol design, development, implementation testing and verification, documentation, and support. With Message Analyzer, you can choose to capture local and remote traffic live or load archived message collections from multiple data sources simultaneously.

You can down load it from here:
After download run this file in the download


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