Saturday, January 23, 2016

What is a .nar file?

NAR extension refers to Nikon Capture Advanced Raw file.

You might have found it in the pictures you might have recently captured and saved to your Camera Roll. Perhaps you might not have associated these (.nar files) with the cute effect you might have observed. You click on one of these images and it comes to life briefly (Live Images)  before settling to a still that you have been used to all along. These are live pictures.

If you try to attach it with a message you will get two options, an image or a video. I sent it out to my wife to her iPhone 6S and she got a video. The video effect on iPhone 6S is Ok but not like it is on Windows 10 Phone Lumia 950. You have got to see it to know how it looks. This is developing area  of  rich capture.

Read all about it here:

How is this done?
Briefly, a number of shots are taken successively and combined smartly to produce a file that produces this effect. The same idea is extended to provide a better illumination for the captured object than in the original.

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