Saturday, August 1, 2015

Why Windows Phone operating system is tied to the carrier?

Actually this was my question to one of Microsoft's forum.

Verizon is my carrier and the carrier is slow in rolling out updates (more interested in quick sells). It took a year for Verizon to go from Windows Phone 8 to Windows Phone 8.1 after Window Phone 8.1 went RTM.

Here is my question:
Regarding tying OS with Carrier:
I think this is very a bad decision.
I bought my Nokia Icon and I was not aware at that time that it was Verizon Specific. When the Operating System was upgraded to 8.1, Verizon took one year to roll out while they were busy selling the Androids and Apples which were the major phones (in terms of sales) after many writing and complaining."

This is the answer from the forum:

Your question on Microsoft Community has received a reply from TomBrad95.

Carriers need to do their own testing before releasing it to the public, most of the carriers in the U.S. take their time with windows phone and some even put it off, there was a discussion from Microsoft saying that they will no longer be required carrier testing and instead releasing straight to users, however I'm unsure whether this is still true or not since there hasn't been an OS release since, we'll find out when windows 10 mobile is released.

Read this reply on Microsoft Community.

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