Sunday, June 29, 2014

How do you remove the Trust Media View malware?

This ugly malware makes your browser look like this:

It is very easy to notice it if your computer is infected. Three pop-ups and a page-turner effect! That's incredible.

Well, Trust Media View started impacting my browser on my Windows 7 Ultimate x64 bit machine. It's kind of ugly and visually nauseating. The people who made it must be pretty dumb. I do not see why they need to show many of the pop-ups on just one page.

I took the following steps:

I tried Microsoft Security Essentials and it reported no problem. Well should I believe this?
I am not sure how good is MES when it comes to malware removal.

Should XP users worry about Microsoft turning off the spigot to provide malware support to XP. Probably it is no big deal.

Clock is ticking for XP support

Finally I tried to disable the add-on and fortunately I found an entry for it in Manage Add-ons window show here.

I just disabled it and then restarted the computer. It does seem that Trust Media View ads have disappeared. I wonder why this screen cannot be modified to remove it.

If it comes back, I am going to do a System Restore. I am getting pretty good at this!

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