Wednesday, February 26, 2014

How do you remove the BetterSurf malware from your computer?

BetterSurf is a nasty program and when it gets into your computer, your browsing experience hits the bottom. Any slight movement of your cursor on the page may bring up unrelated information as it is based on advertisements. You will be seeing text highlighting, pop-up and pop-sideways windows coming every time you scroll down. The advertisements are from respectable institutions like the Cancer Society and such.
This is how a page looks like with this malware in the computer.

But this is how it should look.
How do you find it is in your computer?
One way is to look in the registry. If you search your computer (or Task Master) for BetterSurf you may not be able to find it, but in the Windows Registry you have a good chance as shown for two of the popular browsers. I had just  then had the IE 10 disabled when I looked at the registry.
How do you remove BetterSurf?
There are third party programs. But quite a lot of them bring in other problems, like some unwanted program or that you need to pay in order to take the malware out.
The one I used is totally free and it is from Microsoft. It's Microsoft Security Essentials' safe free antivirus software and is also called by other names: Microsoft Security Client User Interface; Microsoft Security Client, etc.
You can download it from here:
In 4 or 5 wizard steps you can install the program.
The executable program is called msseces.exe

I removed the antivirus program from the Add/Remove program list. I think it was AVS toolbar (?).

When it is finished it brings up the user interface as shown

The malware is detected and you can choose to remove it. That's what I did. You may need to reboot the computer.

When this is completed you should see this,
Only after rebooting you will see that  that the computer is protected.  There are many other options and there is a lot more to Microsoft Security Essentials than posted here. This isj ust to remove that blasted BetterSurf.

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