Tuesday, August 7, 2012

How do you import a text file to MS EXCEL 2010?

Text file should have some delimiting characters such as comma, tab, etc. Here we assume comma as the delimiting character.

Step 1:
Download the file to a location of your choice, say C:\


Click to VIEW the attachment. Select all in the view. Open Notepad and paste the selected items to Notepad.

Save the Notepad with the selection pasted to a location of your choice, say C:\. Use the file name PrincetonTemp. It will be saved with the extension .txt.
If you cannot complete Step 1 go to the end of this post.

Step 2:
Open a new EXCEL workbook.

Step 3:
Click the menu item DATA at the top.

Step 4:

Now Click the item From Text.

This opens the Import Text File window. Now you go to the location where you saved the file.

In my case it is on the Desktop in a folderr called Basic Excel Training as shown above.

Step 5:

Click PrincetonTemp in the window above and click the button Import at the bottom.

Step 1 of 3 of the Text Import Wizard is displayed as shown.

Note 1: You can see the location of your file here
Note 2: You can see part of your data.

Step 6:
Click the Next button at the bottom.

The Step 2 of 3 of the Text Import Wizard is displayed as shown above.

Since your file has (,) comma delimited. Place a check mark in the check box named  ‘Comma’ as shown below.

Notice that when you click in the box ‘Comma’, you will see the preview of your data as shown above. You are almost there!

Step 7:
Click the button ‘Next’.

Step 3 of 3 of Text Import Wizard is displayed. Here you can make changes to the data and format it. For now Just click Finish at the bottom of the screen.

The Import Data screen is displayed as shown:

If you now click OK, the Excel program will paste the imported data beginning in cell A1.
 You can post it to another location or to a new worksheet. For this exmaple let us just click OK.

The data is imported to the worksheet as shown here.

That completes the Import Process.
If you could not download the file from my email to you, here it is, just copy and paste it to Notepad
January, 40, 60
February, 32, 50
March, 43, 65
April, 50, 70
May, 53, 74
June, 60, 78
July, 68, 70
August, 71, 70
September, 60, 82
October, 55, 67
November, 45, 55
December, 40, 62

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