Wednesday, September 10, 2008

How do I create a new login for the SQL Server 2008?

I assume you have a desktop computer on which you have installed the SQL Server 2008 RTM (the one used here is a named instance with Windows Authentication). Now you want to create a login for the Windows user or a group.

Step 1:
Connect to the Database engine
Expand the Security node for the server
Right click the Logins folder and choose New Login...
Login - New window pops-up as shown

The default authentication is Windows.
 Step 2:

Click on the Search... button
The Select User or Group window pops-up.

Step 3:

The object types you will be looking for by default are User or Built-in principal.
Now enter the name of a windows user (or group) for which you want a login in the
Enter the object name to select box and click on Check names button that gets enabled.
You should see that the check name succeeds. You may get a fully qualified name for the user as \UserName even though you entered the user name only.

Step 4:

Click OK on the Select User or Group window.
This name gets into the Login -New window
You are done.
For a new user, the Server role is Public.

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