Friday, March 17, 2017

What if I do not find Remote Procedure Call Service (RPC) on my Windows 10?

It can happen as it happened to me that the RPC service line item may be missing in the Windows 10 Professional.

RPCss is the Service Control Manager (SCM) for COM and DCOM servers. It performs object activation requests, object explorer resolutions and distributed garbage collection for COM and DCOM. Programs on the local computer and or on a remote computer may fail if it is not working.

You should find this in Control Panel|...|Services.

By default RPC will be running as NT Authority\NetworkService, a shared process of svchost. If it fails error is logged.

If it is absent you can get it from here:

Note. Make sure that the rpcss.dll file exists in the %WinDir%\system32 folder.

If this file is missing you can try to restore it from your Windows 10 installation media.

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