Tuesday, March 14, 2017

How do you open a X.tar.gz file in Window 10?

The word 'tar' refers to the software utility program for archiving many files into an archive file. It was usually called a tarball for distributing or backing up file lots. This is very similar to the x.zip files in Windows.

Recently I needed to open a file of this type in my Windows 10 Professional and I looked at the various Apps in Windows Store. I finally decided to use the app, OpenZip shown here.

Open ZIP+_0.png

This iss downloaded from the Windows Store as shown.

Open ZIP+_1.png

I had downloaded the file with extension  tar.gz to the Downloads folder. After launching Open ZIP+,  I just browsed the file and extracted to a folder on the desktop.

Open Zip+_2.png

Extracted files were saved to a folder on the computer as shown:

Open Zip+_2.png 

Looks like this is a reliable app for this task. 

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