Monday, December 26, 2016

What's new in Office 365 features?

Microsoft is tops in Office applications with its Office 365 suite because of continuous development. Some of the features described here are available only if you have a subscription to Office 365 and Office Insiders.

In the latest version of Office 365 (November 2016)  these are the new features:

Learning tools for improved reading:

Use Read Mode with new commands and improve your reading skills. You can adjust text spacing, observe syllable breaks and highlight each word as document is read aloud.

Built-in accessibility
Improved support for asistive technology with Narrator. You can also create accessible documents as well.

Insert and edit icons:

Your document should have visible impact and to this end use icons available, some 500 of them. You can insert and edit icons

SVG images can now be used in Word:

You can now insert and edit SVG graphics without using any export software. Office 365 Word supports SVG graphics embedding.

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