Friday, December 2, 2016

What does Cortana Intelligence Suite consists of?

That is quite a big question. Probably you have conversed with Cortana, if you are a Windows Phone user but Cortana does a lot more than that. Cortana is the foundational basis of Microsoft's AI ambitions. This makes it important to get a handle of this as AI is deemed to be the most important technology in the future. Cortana is also good at searching here is an early question I posed to Cortana asking for image identification from the web.


You have tons of data, overwhelmingly huge, and how do you get intelligence out of this? The answer to using this intelligently is Cortana Intelligence suite.


What does Cortana Intelligence Suite consist of?

It consists of almost all of the important developments at Microsoft in the past decades. Here is a overview diagram from Microsoft's site here.


The key features are:

Information Management: Data Orchestration on a fully managed, end-to-end Cloud Platform.
  Azure Data Factory - Build pipelines and colect data from   services
  Azure Data Catalog - effective management of data sources
  Azure Event Hub- staging site for incoming stream data

Big Data Stores:
Azure SQL Data Warehouses for storing and managing structured data with elastic scaling and massive parallel processing capabilities
Azure Data Lake Store for massive throughput and analytics

Machine Learning and Analytics:
Azure Machine Learning-Design and publish predictive models
Azure HDInsight: Analyze data in Storm and Spark for Hadoop
Azure Data Lake and Stream Analytics: Integrating code from R or Python and analyze any kind or any size of data.
Microsoft BI for rich data visualizations

Cognitive Services - enable natural and contextual interactions; Integrate models with Cortana using speech and receive proactive notifications
Bot Framework: Build Bots to interact with Users wherever they are using SMS to Skype, Office 365

Here  are some customers who have come on board to implement.


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